What if you could design your future?
The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has fallen from sixty-seven years a century ago to just fifteen years today, and 40 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies won’t exist a decade from now. Clearly, it is not in the best interest of any established company, no matter its size or industry, to wait until disaster is at the gate to initiate transformative risks.
You have been living in your house for years, it is a great house, comfortable, relaxed and everyday you walk by a door to the broom closet. No sweat. That’s the broom closet. Day after day, you live in the house, everything is cool. Walking through the house…going by the door to the broom closet…la de da…and then one day you happen to open the door to the broom closet and there is the entrance to a whole new house – a house that goes beyond anything you have ever fathomed – and you never knew was there before.
That is what Future Hacking is – walking into a world that was always there…you have had those moments. when the world was your oyster, when you and your company were unstoppable, that it was all going up and to the right…Future Hacking is about direct access to what is happening in those moments and creating those moments for all the people with whom you work.
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