Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton was a polar explorer and one of the greatest leaders of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.

On one of his expeditions, his ship got stuck in the ice and was eventually crushed. Shackleton and his crew (26 people) got off the ship and lived on the ice - for over a year. This was the 1900s, so they had no way to communicate and ask for help. They had only fur and leather to keep them warm (which means, they weren’t warm at all - just not dead). They survived on whale meat and something else…

After 19 months, Shackleton realized that a rescue party wasn’t coming, so he decided to sail to the nearest inhabited place with a few crew members, in the hopes of returning with a larger ship to rescue everyone else. Using a 22 foot lifeboat they’d recovered from their ship, he and 3 other men made the 800 mile journey to South Georgia Island, over what is still considered to be one of the stormiest stretches of ocean in the world.

(Let me reiterate: 4 guys in a 22 foot long boat, often battling 50 foot waves, navigating by sextant, for over 2 weeks. Sounds like I’m making this up, doesn’t it?)

Shackleton and his 3 lifeboat guys survived this journey and eventually got back to the rest of the crew and rescued them all. Every single person survived.

You’re probably thinking, “What?! Everyone survived? How?